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Once upon a time starting a new business, for many, meant taking out a loan or saving for years, finding a location, signing a lease, hiring staff, buying equipment, hiring a decorator, hiring an electrician, and so much more.

Now, with Amerihub's NewBizInAbox program, much of that fades away, with your new digital business operations being ready to use FAST, with professional setup and training included.

We do the hard work

Get a professional phone number w/ Caller ID registration, domain name, 3 email accounts, video conferencing, web hosting, a selection of web templates, and much more,

We Train your Team

Fuzzy on the use of any of the components we setup for your new business? No worries. We include one hour of training via web-conference with additional training available upon request.

Web Streaming and Video Conferencing

Connect with your prospects, customers, and team using robust video conferencing capabilities with support for up to 100 attendees included.

Get Cloud File Storage w/ Smartphone & PC Sync

Create a new file on your phone, and it appears as available on your PC. Create a new file on your PC, and it appears as available on your phone. All files stored and synced are saved on both your device and in the Cloud - offering you both redundancy and innate "Backup"...automatically.

Take the tech work out of starting your new business. Let Amerihub's NewBizInABox program handle all the hard work and logistics of setting up the myriad digital services needed to get from your ideas to new revenue.

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