File Sync & Storage

3TB of File Sync and Cloud Storage Setup by Professionals

Create a file on iPhone and edit it on Windows. Create a File on Mac and present to prospects via iPad. Mix them. Match them. Create wherever and sync to "Everywhere". Display files via Video Conferencing...FAST

We setup your Cloud File System for you. We Include 1 year of storage. We configure synchronization across devices. We configure Cloud Storage for Professional Usage by your Team.

Cloud File Security

Your Files synced to your Devices. Your Files backed up to the Cloud. The Cloud Backed up and protected by Enterprise-Grade security including secured access over SSL. Our technicians work, in a professional manner, to set this all up for you while you remain free to focus on Business.

Securely Share Files with Team and Clients

Add staff to folders with a click. Add client access to a folder with a click. Enjoy the convenience of email invitations to each with certain security measures applied by default, and others which may be applied as they are being added or afterward.

Teamwork: Enabled

Have you ever edited a document at the same time as a coworker from another city/state/country? Have you ever securely shared a file with a coworker while at the beach, using just your mobile phone? It is all possible, and we are happpy to set it up for you.

Send documents to prospects and staff securely. Create and edit spreadsheets, brochures, letters, presentations, and more on almost any modern mobile device or computer

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