Business Apps

1 year of Professional Business Apps for Your Team of up to 3 included

Start your business with full licensing and access to some of the same core business apps used by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies including Microsoft Outlook (PC/Mac/Web/Mobile), Word (PC/Mac/Web/Mobile), PowerPoint (PC/Mac/Web/Mobile), Excel (PC/Mac/Web/Mobile), Publisher, and Access.

From Email, to Documents, to Presentations, to Spreadsheets, to Databases, to Publications - we set you up, out of the gate, for Enterprise-Grade apps and access to them from multiple devices anywhere you have a robust Internet connection from, and from almost any device.

Do Presentations how Pros do them

With the ability to create, edit, and display presentations over the web, from a phone, from a PC, from a Mac, or even via Code using the associated Developer API, your new business operation can start off on the right foot, prepared to impress big businesses and small businesses alike.

The "Magic" of Scale

Instead of gambling your business operations on unproven technologies or platforms, we bring to bear the same platforms which have been scaled, in advance of your adoption, to enable business owners, employees, government staffers, students, educational faculty, and much more to succeed again and again using proven technologies.

App Integrations Done Right

Our professional technicians take pride in ensuring that your new core business apps are set up, from the day you "Go Live" with cloud file access, automatic file protections, Calendar integrations, and much more.

Business is Business and Playtime is Playtime. Save the free entry-level solutions for your Hobby, and adopt the same proven Enterprise-grade solutions used by the companies currently enjoying the revenue and/or influence you hope to see your own business achieve.

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